Thursday, November 29, 2012


[Sorrow in Childbirth] It doesn't stop It doesn't stop It doesn't stop I never got over it I never got over it I never got over it I never got over it You were a reminder Constant pain I was too depressed to go on Black Black Menopause Black Black Black Black Black Haunting Haunting Haunting Black Black Haunting Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Haunting Haunting Haunting Haunting Haunting No family tree No family tree Haunting Black Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo

Monday, August 27, 2012

Reading List on Religion

Monday, July 30, 2012

Save the Planet: Decay Radioactivity

Definitions and Tools:

Empathy-Actually feeling the Words, Thoughts, Emotions, and Body Language of others and having a physical/mental/emotional/spiritual reaction to same. Examples: Laughing or crying watching a movie; Art Inspiration; emotional/mental/physical/spiritual illness; Crime.

Cords are Psychic Bonds Attaching Your Subconscious to Others through which psychological information-Words, Thoughts, Emotions, and Body Language- passes.

Auras-Focus in a mirror at the space beside your head or focus on the space beside someone else's head, not the wall behind, until you see a glow of light. May take practice.

Ask For Forgiveness or Release of the Following (See Right Use of Will by Ceanne DeRohan):
Blame-[Projecting Guilt onto Victims, Creation fractal from Rapists Ejaculating She Asked For It; Psyches Meld During Sex]
Projections into the Future
Lost Love
Lost Will
Intimidating Form -money, Law, Medicine, school, government, politics, religion, media, military, industry, etc. "Intimidating Form is a guilt reflection[.]" [Guilt projects onto victims whose bodies may react with terror. For Example, the IRS.
Engrams (
Unfulfilled Goals-which, like Projections into the Future, Attract Words, Thoughts, and Emotions of others to deter or prod into action.
Swears which last from lifetime to lifetime]

Deep Breathing a.k.a. Rebirthing Breathwork ( ; Genesis 3:16 and John 3:5 )-To Clear Subconscious of particularly God's curses (Genesis 3)on Eve (Birth Trauma and Patriarchy which manifest as Sexism), Adam (cursed with Work and Money), Earth (Battle of Good and Evil and Threat of Nuclear Holocaust), and the Totem of the Queen of Heaven (Jeremiah 44; The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker: Serpent: pg.903), the Serpent (cursed with Monotheism, i.e. Islamo-Christo-Judaism), which Fractal Rules the World and is destroying the Planet and Women's Souls ( . Having lived through God/dess worship, Mother Earth wants only Native American Indian Religion ( of communing with all the spirits in the Universe.

Chakra Clearing-Focus on your chakras from major to minor while deep breathing to raise subconscious Words, Thoughts, and Emotions to the Conscious Mind to deactivate.

Body Consciousness-Your Body knows the Words, Thoughts, and Emotions in the Subconscious and tells you by pain, illness, physical sensations, Body poses, and Emotions. Your Body Consciousness also has access to all Consciousness in the Universe. Everything in the Universe has Consciousness.

To Clear the Subconscious of One's Own Suppressed and Other Beings' Words, Thoughts, and Emotions and Body Reactions that Subconsciously Influence Thoughts and Behavior: . Identify the Thinker, Ask Your Body for a thumbs up to a yes or no question for Clues till You identify the Thinker and the Exact Words of Thoughts and Emotions as expressed by a physical reaction such as your torso tensing into an arms up, back, or beside with arms bent position for several seconds. I use Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay to get general direction for clues. After Identifying the Exact Words, Thoughts, and Emotions, you must also clear/identify the Body's Reaction to same. Identifying brings them to the Conscious Mind where they no longer have subliminal influence. Verbalize, "Return to sender (in Exact Words) whatever (in Exact Words) they put on me." Define Catharsis: and Abreaction:

Hay's Affirmations may not work or they may rebound because the original Words, Thoughts, and Emotions causing the problem to be corrected by the affirmation still exist in the Subconscious till it is Made Conscious in Exact Words.

See The Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow for the Story of Abraham (See The Pleiadian Agenda, pg. 84, etc.) who "wired" the Planet with His and [the Baumeister (Master Builder) Codes of the God computer chip of programmed] uranium which lead to [Empire which leads to drought]; nuclear radiation; secret societies-membership in which leads to Anunnaki mind control;... See also for how to Make Home with a Sacred Altar with intent to become nine-dimensional ( [to transmute uranium. Earth needs a critical mass to Make Home with a Sacred Altar to decay radioactive materials.]

Friday, May 18, 2012

Change Human Condition

Change the Human Condition/Reality-Creating Subconscious/Human Psychology in Six Steps

Heal mental illness, crime, sexism, racism, war, politicians, money, work, farming, religion, war crimes,...

Everybody say:

Forgive me for not fulfilling my goals.

Forgive me for not fulfilling my Savior Mission.

Return to God whatever curses He put on Eve, Adam, the Serpent, Earth, Humanity, and me.

Return to rapists and psychic rapists whatever they put on me, their victims, Humanity, Earth, and Heaven.

Return to God whatever war crime Commandments He put on Jews in the Old Testament.

Prosecute Domestic Enemies: lobbyists, politicians, outsourcers, and banksters for Bribery, Treason, Fraud, Conspiracy, Theft, and War Crimes

Repeat for each layer.

May feel strange while clearing.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sex Education for Kids

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Three Key Points to the Subconscious

The subconscious can cause physical and mental illnesses, negative behavior, and negative life circumstances.

First, the subconscious is full of the Words, thoughts, and emotions of yourself and all other sentient beings. Words, thoughts, and emotions are attracted to the subconscious of people who are interested in the topic or are the target of such, like laws are directed at the masses, or are the subject of the Words, thoughts, and emotions, like with rumors and gossip.

Once consciously put into EXACT Words through analytical identification like an explication de texte method considering the subconscious as a book of human history, or catharsis psychotherapy, or deep breathing to bring suppressed Words, thoughts, and emotions to the conscious mind, AND speaking the EXACT Words, the negative Words, thoughts, and emotions lose their subliminal influence. Identify the thinker and the thought.

Second, affirmations may not work until the original negative Words, thoughts, and emotions of self or others are cleared by making them conscious because the original negative patterns are still in the subconscious creating reality.

Third, political and religious conspiracies exist (ex. the Patriot Act drafted before 9/11, total electronic surveillance with the technology secretly developed, wars, and police state training are political conspiracies; and missionaries, killing non-believers, destroying Goddess worship, and encouraging and covering up pedophilia are religious conspiracies) and may cause mental illness in people with a savior mission. They certainly cause negative life circumstances for the masses.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crime and the Subconscious

Rulers like Laws, but Laws have the ability to create the very crimes they intend to thwart by putting them into the collective unconscious as Words that create reality. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1:1. Laws are concurrent with the crimes they prohibit. So both Ideas, the crime and the prohibition, are in the collective unconscious to create reality by the Word, some to commit and some to inhibit.

All Words, thoughts, and emotions by sentient beings are in the collective unconscious accessible by the body. Deep breathing accesses the subconscious to make them conscious and so deactivate their subliminal influence.

Deep breathing by prison inmates would access those Words and deactivate them. A deep breathing puberty ritual might prevent crime, too.

The Patriot Act is a conspiracy - "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful", drafted in secret before 9/11, therefore proof that conspiracies exist in politics.